Schalick, Mroz

As lawyers are increasingly required to assist clients with creating statutory changes, this seminar examines the legislative process with special attention given to the role of interest groups, constituency, elections, and political party in forming law and public policy by the legislative branch of government.  The seminar also considers the inextricable role of the executive and judicial branches of government in the legislative process. Students will learn about the unique structures, stakeholders and rules in drafting, reviewing, amending, and approving legislation. This seminar will focus on the American federal and state legislative processes, with particular emphasis on the New Jersey legislature. In addition to reading case studies, court opinions, legislative materials and statutes, students will gain valuable insight from discussions with former and current legislators, legislative staff, lobbyists, and executive branch officials. Students will complete several short legislative legal writing assignments and a final paper.

Students will also be expected to attend at least one legislative process observation trip to be scheduled during the semester.

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