Faculty by Expertise


    Oberdiek, John F. K.Acting Dean and Professor
    Afilalo, Ari Professor
    Batista, David Reference Librarian and Liaison to Faculty
    Bosniak, Linda S. Distinguished Professor
    Braithwaite, Hon. Dennis Professor of Professional Practice of Law
    Butler, A. Hays Government Documents/Reference Librarian
    Carrier, Michael A. Distinguished Professor
    Chase, Victoria Clinical Associate Professor and Chair for Clinical Programs
    Clark, Roger S.Board of Governors Professor
    Cohen, Jason K.Clinical Professor and Director of Lawyering Programs
    Dalesandro, Anne Professor
    Dane, Perry Professor
    Eyer, Katie Associate Professor
    Feinman, Jay M. Distinguished Professor
    Frankford, David M. Professor
    Freedman, Ann E. Associate Professor
    Friedell, Steven F. Professor
    Gavin, Sandra Visiting Associate Professor
    Goldfarb, Sally F. Professor
    Goodman, Ellen P.Professor
    Gottesman, Joanne Clinical Professor
    Haddon, Phoebe Chancellor and Professor
    Harvey, Philip L. Professor
    Hawkins, Stacy Associate Professor
    Hull, N.E.H. Distinguished Professor
    Hyland, Richard Distinguished Professor
    Jenoff, Pam Clinical Professor
    Joergensen, John Director of the Law Library
    Kaplan, Margo Associate Professor
    Katz, Harriet Clinical Professor
    Kelemen, Dan Professor (Political Science, School of Arts and Sciences)
    Korobkin, Donald Professor
    Kovacs, Kathryn Associate Professor
    Laby, Arthur Professor
    Lastowka, Greg Professor
    Livingston, Michael A. Professor
    Lore III, J.C. Clinical Professor and Director of Trial Advocacy
    Maltz, Earl M. Distinguished Professor
    Mutcherson, Kimberly Vice Dean and Professor
    Nissen, Alison Director of the Academic Success Program
    Oren, Craig N. Professor
    Overton, Traci Clinical Staff Attorney
    Patterson, Dennis M. Board of Governors Professor
    Payne, Cymie Assistant Professor (School of Environmental and Biological Sciences)
    Ricks, Sarah E. Clinical Professor
    Robbins, Ruth Anne Clinical Professor
    Rosenblatt, Rand E. Professor
    Ryan, Patrick J. Associate Professor
    Scales, Adam Professor
    Schalick, Meredith Clinical Associate Professor
    Schneider, Charlotte Librarian
    Simkins, Sandra Distinguished Clinical Professor
    Solomon, Rayman University Professor & Dean Emeritus
    Stahl, Stanley Visiting Professor
    Stein, Allan R. Professor
    Stephens, Beth Professor
    Swedloff, Rick Associate Professor
    Talley, Nancy Librarian
    Tung, Genevieve Librarian
    Vildostegui, Gerardo Assistant Professor
    Walen, Alec Professor
    Wallinger, Carol Clinical Professor
    Washburn, Robert M. Professor
    Williams, Robert F. Distinguished Professor
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