Below are links to some helpful resources that can help you locate U.S. government information. Use the menu to the right to find more Government Document resources.

Microform and Documents Depository
This site features Microforms and Documents (MAD) & Reference and Instructional Services, units of the Ralph Brown Draughon Library, Auburn University Libraries.

Legal Information Institute
via Cornell Law School

Frequently Used U.S. Government Documents
From Emory Law School Library subject guide

Washlaw WEB
University School of Law. Select from the menus on either side of the page.

Meta-Index for U.S. Legal Research
Boolean searching for Supreme Court decisions as well as all of the Federal circuit courts

HaithiTrust Digital Library
HathiTrust is a digital library built from contributions from major research institutions and libraries; its collection includes many federal government documents available to browse and download in PDF.