Dear graduating students:

The bulk of this message is about the bar exam application process, which you should start reviewing soon after your Fall exams.  You will receive a separate message about preparing for the bar exam itself.  I am also including some links to graduation information, because you will get questions about this from your family during the holidays.  Also included are links to forms or procedures you are required to complete before graduation. 

1.      To make sure you’re meeting graduation requirements, see the Law School Graduation Checklist in the Registration Packet,


2.      Information about the graduation ceremony:


3.      Employment Form – required for Graduation:


4.      Financial Aid Exit Interview: You are required to complete an exit interview for each of the federal loans you received.


5.    Preparing for the bar exam application process

A.  Overview

In approximately 8 months, most of you will be taking the Bar Exam for the jurisdiction of your choice.   After exams is the perfect time to start thinking about preparing your bar applications, collecting the documents you will need, and planning how to pay for the fees and other expenses for next summer.  Applying for the bar exam and financing your bar study require significant resources.  Start planning your budget soon.  Below are links for information about local bar application fees and deadlines.  If you miss the first deadline in most jurisdictions, the cost goes up significantly; therefore, put the deadlines in your calendar now.  In addition to the fees listed below, you need to add the cost of any bar review course as well as living expenses.  You may want to start researching bar loans if you do not have other means to pay for these expenses.

The Bar Examiners of New Jersey and Pennsylvania will visit in January (date TBA) to answer any questions you may have about the application process.  During the Academic Year, please watch for announcements regarding other programs on bar preparation (including topics such as *Which bar exams to take; how many exams at one time; the big picture of bar preparation) as well as Graduation and Class Day (Awards Day) programs.

B.   Character and Fitness/Your history

The law school required you to answer certain questions in your application, and you have a continuing duty to report any new developments related to those questions.  The bar applications for various states may ask broader questions, but our inquiry is limited to those below.  Please review the questions below and contact Assoc. Dean Angela Baker,  if you have questions or need to supplement your file:

*Have you ever been dismissed, expelled, suspended, placed on probation, given an academic warning, or disciplined by any secondary school, college, university, graduate or professional school (including Law School) for academic or any other reasons?

*Has your academic career ever been interrupted one or more terms?  If so, explain the circumstances, including relevant dates. {This question does not apply to time between degrees}.

* Have you ever been dishonorably discharged from the armed forces of the United States or any other nation?

*Have you ever been charged with, arrested for, or convicted of the violation of any law or ordinance (other than minor traffic violations)?  The entry of an expungement or sealing order does not relieve you of the duty to disclose the matter on this statement.  This includes any juvenile record.  If yes, please include an official statement of charges and dispositions.

* Are there any criminal or disciplinary charges pending or expected to be brought against you?

Review your jurisdiction’s bar application form and start compiling the information and documents you need now.  It is easier to do this during the break than to search for records while attending classes and looking for legal employment.  Many jurisdictions ask for past addresses for several years, a list of the names and addresses for all employers, a criminal history and credit history.  See the end of this message regarding credit reports.

C.  Forms for Rutgers-Camden Graduates

When you download or receive forms from your jurisdiction, please give them to: Marie Peeke , Bar Exam Records Administrator

Career Planning and Professional Development Office

217 North 5th Street, First Floor West Building, Camden, NJ 08102

Forms must be received 20 days before they are due to the Bar Examiners.

D.  Requesting Transcripts

Neither the Office of Student Affairs nor the law school's Associate Dean of Academic Records, Ed Rentezelas, are authorized to release transcripts. If the jurisdiction requires transcripts, they must be ordered by the individual student directly from the Campus Registrar:

The Camden Registrar's phone number is: 856-225-6053.

E.  Notary Public

This service is free of charge to Rutgers Camden law students:

Arlene Lentini, Office of Student Affairs, 225-2352,

Terry Wyllner, Accounting Assistant, 225-2332,

F.  MPRE, Bar Exam requirements, deadlines and fees for local jurisdictions


The Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam is required by many jurisdictions.  In New Jersey only, if you have taken a Professional Responsibility Ethics Class in law school, and received a grade of C or better, you do not have to take the MPRE.

Check your jurisdiction’s requirements by using the links in

For most jurisdictions the later you file your application, the more it will cost.  Be prepared so that you meet the first deadline and pay the lowest amount possible for applying to take the bar exam.

New Jersey:


Note that Delaware does not administer a February Exam

New York:


G.  Credit Report

Each jurisdiction’s office of bar examiners will obtain a credit report directly from agencies they contract with, but you should order your own credit report so that you know what is in it. According to the Federal Trade Commission, is the Only Official Website is the one listed below. 

The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires each of the nationwide consumer reporting companies Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion to provide you with a free copy of your credit report, at your request, once every 12 months. The three companies have set up one central website, toll-free telephone number, and mailing address through which you can order your free credit report. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the national consumer protection agency, wants you to know that, if you want to order your free annual credit report online, there is only one authorized website: