Looking to connect with other professionals in a fun setting and help law students get a head start on their careers in the process? Looking for a way to help students, but don’t necessarily have a job to offer? Rutgers-Camden Law School has an opportunity for you to help law students build skills essential to their finding a job in a challenging market. Come participate in the Rutgers-Camden Law School Speed Networking Event, on February 20, 2013, 5:45 – 8:00pm. The purpose of this event what it takes to become a successful lawyer. The event will give students an opportunity to learn more about practicing law while gaining valuable insights and advice that can help them in their careers.

Speed networking is very similar to the wildly popular speed dating. It consists of brief conversations between students and practicing lawyers, at regular intervals of time. Once the time is up, the students move on to the next lawyer, then the next, ultimately giving them the chance to meet with several participating attorneys, getting career advice and tools for communicating with professionals. In this structured environment students can talk to people they wouldn’t otherwise have come into contact with, and can decide whether they have an interest in a particular kind of employer or practice area. Following the one-hour speed networking session, there will be a short reception where participants can have the opportunity to speak more informally.

We hope you will be interested and available to participate in our Speed Networking Event on February 20.

Click here to register.

Registration closes on February 1 at 5pm. Questions? Contact Gwen Tolbert at gtolbert@camden.rutgers.edu.