Center for State Constitutional Studies

State Constitutional Lecture

2010 Christian Fritz Out from under the Shadow of the Federal Constitution: An Overlooked American Constitutionalism
2009 Vikram Amar Direct Democracy, the Proposition 8 Episode, and the Nature of State Constitutions
2008 Robert Schapiro In the Twilight of the Nation-State: Subnational Constitutions in the New World Order
2007 John Dinan Court-Constraining Amendments and the State Constitutional Law Tradition
2006 James Gardner Representation Without Party: Lessons from State Constitutional Attempts to Control Gerrymandering
2005 G. Alan Tarr and Robert F. Williams Getting from Here to There: Twenty-first Century Mechanisms and Opportunities in State Constitutional Reform
2004 Chief Justice Jeffrey L. Amestoy Pragmatic Constitutionalism -Reflections on State Constitutional Theory and Same-Sex Marriage Claims
2003 Professor Richard Briffault The Disfavored Constitution: State Fiscal Limit in State Courts
2002 Professor Helen Hershkoff Positive Rights and Democracy
2001 Symposium Tort Reform and State Constitutional Law
2000 Professor Ronald L. Watts States, Provinces, Lander, and Cantons: International Variety Among Subnational Constitutions
1999 Professor Daniel J. Elazar The Moral Compass of State Constitutionalism
1998 Justice Stewart G. Pollock Celebrating Fifty Years of Judicial Reform Under the 1947 New Jersey Constitution
1997 Professor Harry N. Scheiber The Direct Ballot and State Constitutionalism
1996 Professor Akhil R. Amar Lord Camden Meets Federalism--Using State Constitutions to Counter Federal Abuses
1995 Professor John Kincaid The New Federalism Context of the New Judicial Federalism
1994 Professor Suzanna Sherry State Constitutional Law: Doing the Right Thing
1993 Professor Gordon S. Wood State Constitution-Making in the American Revolution
1992 Justice Judith S. Kaye The Common Law and State Constitutional Law as Full Partners in the Protection of Individual Rights
1991 Professor James A. Henretta Rethinking the State Constitutional Tradition
1990 Professor Gary L. McDowell Rediscovering Federalism? State Constitutional Law and the Restoration of State Sovereignty
1989 Professor Burt Neuborne State Constitutions and the Evolution of Positive Rights