Welcome to the Idea Bank

Welcome to Rutgers School of Law – Camden, the home of the Legal Writing Institute’s Idea Bank.

The Idea Bank is now a searchable database.  Once you enter the username and password, you will be able to search for ideas by Author, Submission Type (briefs, memos, etc.) Jurisdiction and Category.

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Please Note:  The authors of the Idea Bank submissions have authorized use of these documents only by LWI members and other specified legal writing professionals.  No law student is permitted onto this website or database without the express and written permission of the LWI Board of Directors.  The authors retain all copyright and author privileges to their own material as well as the right to pursue remedies for violations of this authorization.

Remember, the Idea Bank is dependent on people contributing material. The LWI Board adopted policies several years ago to help foster the exchange. They are:

  1. To obtain a password to the Idea Bank you must first submit a document to the bank.
  2. If someone at your school submits a document and obtains a password, we aren't going to be the password police at that school (i.e. it is OK to give it to someone else in your department).
  3. New teachers may email and ask for access regardless of whether they contribute a document. By "new" we mean teaching legal writing for fewer than two years.

If you would like to request a password into the system, please email ideabank-passwords@ideabank.rutgers.edu


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