Registration for Guests Needing Special Accommodations for Rutgers–Camden Commencement Ceremonies and Honors Convocation

Register for accessible seating and other accommodations.

* Name of Graduate
School of GraduateFaculty of Arts and Sciences
School of Business
School of Law
School of Nursing
All events below, with the exception of the
School of Nursing, will be held at the
Susquehanna Bank Center.
School of Nursing will be held
at the Rutgers University Gordon Theater.
Which will you attend? (Check all that apply)Wed., 5/21, Noon: School of Business
Wed., 5/21, 3PM: Commencement & Honors Convocation
Thurs., 5/22, 10AM: School of Nursing
Thurs., 5/22, 1PM: School of Law
Thurs., 5/22, 6PM: Faculty of Arts and Sciences
* Name of Guest with Special Needs
Number of People Accompanying Guest0
2 (max)
* Phone Number for Event Day
* Email for Event Day
Does Guest with Special Needs have a Wheelchair?Yes
Does anyone in your party need an ASL interperter?Yes
Does anyone in your party need Close Captioning? Yes
Anything else we need to know to help you?