The Children's Justice Clinic is a holistic lawyering program using multiple strategies and interdisciplinary approaches to resolve problems for Camden youth facing juvenile delinquency charges.

Students primarily provide legal representation in juvenile court hearings. Students will work in trial teams and have the opportunity to handle two of their own trials in delinquency court. In addition to providing legal services related to that forum, students work with their clients to address the causes of delinquency problems in their home environment.

Students have a meaningful opportunity to make a difference in the lives of Camden youth in crisis. While receiving representation in juvenile court and administrative hearings, clients will also be exposed to new conflict resolution strategies and be educated about their rights and the implications of their involvement in the juvenile justice system. This exposure may assist young clients in extricating themselves from destructive behavior patterns, widen their horizons and build more hopeful futures for themselves, their families and their communities.

The Clinic will be offered for 6 credits.

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The Children's Justice Clinic is cosponsored by the New Jersey State Bar Foundation and made possible with funding from the IOLTA Fund of the Bar of New Jersey.