Journal of Law & Public Policy

Faculty Advisors: Professor Phil Harvey, Sarah Ricks The Rutgers Journal of Law & Public Policy ("JLPP")is a scholarly legal publication dedicated to providing a forum for discourse on legal issues facing our urban centers and may be found at the journal's website, JLPP's primary objective is to serve as a catalyst for collaboration between all areas of policymaking and American Jurisprudence in order to broaden the spectrum of research and legal analysis and to create dialogue between related fields. JLPP's advisors, Professors Philip Harvey and Sarah Ricks have provided valuable guidance since the journal's inception. JLPP is also grateful to Dean Rayman Solomon, Associate Dean Camille Andrews and the Administration for providing JLPP with significant support and encouragement. The Rutgers Journal of Law & Public Policy congratulates its members graduating in 2009, whose vision and unwavering determination have established JLPP as Rutgers University's newest law review.

Journal of Law & Religion

Faculty Advisors: Professor Perry Dane and Steven F.  Friedell

The Rutgers Journal of Law & Religion examines the interaction of Church and State on a local, national, and global scale. The journal, with a membership of distinguished students, maintains the tradition of publishing scholarly articles and student notes. The journal also publishes current updates of legal and religious topics called "New Developments."  Along with these endeavors, the Rutgers Journal of Law & Religion, in collaboration with the library of Cornell Law School produced worldwide media attention by analyzing documents and seeking commentary relating to the Donovan collection (Nuremberg Project).   The Rutgers Journal of Law & Religion congratulates the graduating journal members. These members worked selflessly and displayed excellent writing and editing abilities. Awards are presented to graduates for their work, participation, and leadership in this publication.

Rutgers Law Journal

Advisors: Professors Robert Williams, Sally Goldfarb and Camille Spinello Andrews The Rutgers Law Journal is the law review for the Rutgers University School of Law-Camden. The Journal is student-run and is comprised of second and third year students who maintain superior academic records and possess strong research and writing skills. The law school considers the Rutgers Law Journal one of its most significant activities. Participation in its work affords an opportunity for intellectual and professional growth. Students are invited to compete for editorial positions on the basis of an open writing competition during the summer between their first and second years. The Law Journal publishes quarterly, with each book containing a hybrid of professionally written articles and student written notes/comments.