Rutgers-Camden takes its students and their concerns seriously. As an ABA accredited law school, we are required to provide a process by which students may submit complaints of a serious nature that implicate the law school’s program of legal education and its compliance with the ABA Standards for the Approval of Law Schools.

Students who wish to submit a complaint are invited to do so using the form provided below. The form requires that the student submit her name, email address, a street address and a telephone number, and allows you to designate the category the complaint concerns. We encourage students to provide as detailed information as possible in order to facilitate the Administration’s review of the complaints.

Review process

A member of the administration (commonly, the Associate Dean for Student Affairs, the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, or the Assistant Dean for Academic Records) will confirm receipt of the complaint within 7 days. Complaints will be reviewed by a member of the Administration and, if individual privacy is not implicated, an SBA representative. The administrator will respond to the student via email within 30 days to notify the student what steps the administration is taking, if any, to resolve the matter; to notify the student in the event further investigation is warranted; or to otherwise advise the student as to the Administration’s position, including whether the Administrator is declining to take any action. A student may appeal any decision made by the administration to the Dean.