Academic Merit Scholarships



Depending on a student’s combined cumulative undergraduate grade point average and LSAT score, admitted students may be eligible for one of several Academic Merit scholarships. These awards are funded by the law school and are designed to support the educational expenses of an entering student whose previous scholastic record and life experiences demonstrate a high potential for success in the law. Individual awards may differ and you should always check the exact terms of your award, contained in your award letter.

To be eligible for any incoming first year scholarship award, a student must both (1) apply for admission to the First Year Law Class and (2) be admitted by the Admissions Committee and matriculate to the Law School’s incoming First Year class. The Admissions Committee reserves the right to select those individuals who shall be admitted to the Law School and eligible for a scholarship award.

Scholarship retention

Scholarship retention data is available here.  However, it should be noted that historical retention data on the website is largely based upon students from earlier years meeting specific grade point averages. In contrast, unless otherwise specified, initial scholarship renewability terms for most students who matriculate after 2012  are not conditioned upon meeting a specified grade point average but are tied to a student’s academic placement in the class, typically top 60% or 40% of the class.  Should a student not achieve the requisite percentile of the class,  scholarship renewability at a lower scholarship amount is still available if the student maintains at least a 3.0.  It should also be noted that, for lost scholarship awards, the student still may be eligible for reappointment of the scholarship in future academic semesters where the student achieves the required academic average. For further information on how to apply for reinstatement and the timing of reinstatement or a previous award, please contact the Admissions Office.

Our academic rules set out a mandatory mean grade-point average in first-year courses of 3.0–3.1, except that the mandatory mean grade-point average in our Legal Analysis Writing & Research courses are 3.1–3.2 in the second semester.  For the entering class of 2012-2013, top 60% was approximately 3.047 and top 40% was approximately 3.219 cumulative grade point average.

Types of awards

Specific award terms are specified in individual student scholarship letters. There are a limited number of the various scholarship awards available for each entering class, and we encourage students to apply early for scholarship consideration. Upon receiving a scholarship award, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions office at  Students should carefully read their own award letters for specific terms, including amount and renewability.

Public Service

The Law School is committed to high academic scholarship and community service. All scholarship awards for full-time students at Rutgers School of Law at Camden carry a public service requirement.